Origins of the term “Ageism”

Submitted by: Erin Olde

Did you know Robert Neil Butler (1927-2010) coined the term “Ageism”? Butler was a graduate of Columbia University and was a physician, gerontologist, psychiatrist, and author who was the director of the National Institute on Aging. Butler was known for his work on the social needs and the rights of older adults and his viewpoint and research on healthy aging.

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1 thoughts on “Origins of the term “Ageism”

  1. Donna Durand says:

    Thanks Erin for sharing this information. Robert Butler was alarmed that doctors would talk to him and not his grandfather (his appointment) when at the physician’s office. I am thrilled to share I have witnessed a big improvement over the years. This may be due to the growing awareness of person centered care and identification of ageism in the health sector as well as the efforts of the disability community for tireless work on this same issue.

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