Our Priority Areas

Alberta Council on Aging is committed to sharing presentations and resources on our priority areas, at little or no cost to participants. We partner with individuals and community groups to better reach our members across the province.


Learn what ageism is and how it affects people. Explore myths, stereotypes and language in relation to ageism, and discuss the connection between ageism and abuse and a lower quality of life. Learn what you can do to tackle ageism.

Recognizing Elder Abuse

Abuse is a violation of fundamental rights. Learn more about the common types of abuse, possible warning signs that someone is being abused, how to report and where to get help.

Planning for the Unexpected

Unplanned events in life such as a slip, fall, accident or illness could result in an individual needing to be hospitalized.  Do you have your personal affairs in order so a family member or friend can help you until your health allows you to return home? 

Living Strong

The Living Strong Program encourages participants to explore various components of wellbeing: physical, mental, environment, spiritual, and getting your paperwork in order. Learn more about being proactive and living stronger longer.