About Us

Alberta Council on Aging, for over 55 years, advises local, provincial and federal governments about matters relating to the opportunity for full and equal participation of older persons living in Alberta and Canada.

We are working to improve the quality of life for older persons through education, advocacy and inclusion.


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older adults need to have adequate financial resources to meet their needs

current supports for older adults are often based on a means tests which looks at income but fails to consider other expenses that may be incurred

recommendation: needs testing be used to complement current means tests and be related to individual needs and circumstances


older adults require equal access to emergency care, surgery, hospitalization and treatment such as rehabilitation and medications

seamless delivery of publicly funded and delivered programs and services

clear standards and eligibility for programs and services

expanded legislation for Protection for Persons in Care

support of the development of a universal pharmacare plan

Continuing Care

continuing care services often impose significant costs, however, these services need to be affordable for all older adults

recommendation: support efforts to make continuing care services clearly and consistently defined


older adults require equal access to services wherever they live

recommendation: provincial government continue to review as to how transportation for older adults can be improved across the province


older adults desire to reside in a place appropriate to their circumstances

living environments such as outdoor spaces and buildings must support older adults to maintain themselves in the community

Elder Abuse

envision a world free of abuse

work toward this aim through developing community partnerships

make appropriate referrals for reporting and receiving help

influence legislations which protect older persons


Definition – Prejudice or discrimination against an age-group …especially older persons.

To address this we will:

align with age friendly initiatives with the aim to eliminate ageism

promote inclusiveness of older persons