About Us

Alberta Council on Aging, for over 55 years, advises local, provincial and federal governments about matters relating to the opportunity for full and equal participation of older persons living in Alberta and Canada.

We are working to improve the quality of life for older persons through education, advocacy and inclusion. Some of the ways that we work towards this goal is through stakeholder collaboration. We share information as to what all levels of governments and the senior-serving sector organizations are doing in regards to mobilizing supports for older adults.

We collaborate with organizations including the Alberta Association on Gerontology’s (AAG) stakeholder collaborative committee, Healthy Aging Alberta (CORE), Age Friendly Calgary and Age Friendly Edmonton, the Alberta Pharmacare Working Group, the Primary Health Care Integration Network, and Voice of Albertans with Disabilities (VAD). We have also re-connected with FCSS offices and seniors’ centers throughout the province. 

We compile and share information on current issues, and explore ways to offer existing programs and material using online technology. We participate in information fairs and tradeshows.

We participate in research-based project with the University of Alberta and others Organizations, helping in collecting data and research statistics throughout the province.


Our Mission

Encourage and enable full participation of older adults in all aspects of community through inclusion, education and advocacy.

Our Vision

All older adults enjoy a high quality of life.

Our Values

The core values that govern decision making are honesty, service, justice, humility, commitment, cooperation, collaboration, and responsibility.

Our Strategic Plan

Download our Strategic Plan for 2019-2024 by clicking here.

Our Bylaws

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