Hello and welcome to
Alberta Council on Aging!

Message from the President

By now everyone is saturated with news of the Covid-19 Pandemic and responding in various ways, whether through self-isolation, mandatory isolation and or physical distancing. We want to touch base with our members and member organizations through the internet and telephone.  How are you doing?  How can we support you?

What is Alberta Council on Aging doing, right now to maintain and improve your quality of life?

The virtual office is running. Staff and volunteers are receiving your communications and are reaching out.  Please continue to keep us advised as to concerns and successes as we are;

  • meeting frequently by teleconference with Seniors and Housing Ministry stakeholders group to discuss what it is we are hearing from the public as well as how government and the senior serving sector is mobilizing to support older adults;
  • ensuring information regarding services for seniors and service providers is shared out and easy to access;
  • compiling and widely sharing out information on current frauds and scams;
  • exploring ways to offer existing learning programs and materials through online technology.

As older adults, we are being faced with some tough issues, from an awareness of our vulnerability to uncertainty as to how we will be supported should we become ill. Alberta Council on Aging remains an advocate for all older persons, advising local to federal government about matters relating to the opportunity for our full and equal participation in Alberta and Canada.


Ron Rose, President