From the World Health Organization to municipal governments, there is a call for an age friendly society. Alberta Council on Aging centers all of its efforts on delivering age friendly publications and programs to the general public at low or no cost.

Ahead of its time, in 1997, the Alberta Council on Aging developed and trademarked a comprehensive program to help businesses and organizations make their operations age friendly. Senior Friendly™ is designed to help communities, businesses and organizations recognize the needs of seniors in order to provide optimum service.

Senior Friendly™ Programs

We partner with communities to better reach our members and older persons across the province. Aging in community is highly valued by seniors, and Alberta Council on Aging is committed to bringing presentations and resources to your community at little or no cost to participants.

Programs we offer are:

  • Senior Friendly™ Program Overview
  • Recognizing Fraud
  • Pre and Post Retirement Planning
  • Recognizing Abuse
  • Living Stronger Longer
  • Let’s Talk Dementia
  • Let’s Stop Ageism
  • Pharmacy Tips
  • Navigating for Services
  • Seniors Forum – a facilitated participants discussion

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Contents of the Recognizing Fraud Toolkit

  •     Trainer’s Manual
  •     Recognizing Fraud Booklet for participants
  •     Recognizing Fraud PowerPoint presentation
  •     PowerPoint:  slides and presenter’s notes

Click here to access the Recognizing Fraud Toolkit.

Contents of the Recognizing Abuse Toolkit

  •     Recognizing Abuse Booklet for participants
  •     Recognizing Abuse PowerPoint presentation
  •     PowerPoint:  presenter’s notes

Click here to access the Recognizing Abuse Toolkit.

Contents of the Living Stronger Longer Toolkit

  •     Living Stronger Longer Booklet for participants
  •     Living Stronger Longer PowerPoint presentation
  •     PowerPoint:  slides and presenter’s notes
  •     Additional Resources

Click here to access the Living Stronger Longer Toolkit.

Contents of the Let’s Talk Dementia Toolkit

  • Let’s Talk Dementia Presenter’s Manual
  • Let’s Talk Dementia PowerPoint Presentation
  • Let’s Talk Dementia Booklet for Participants
  • Let’s Talk Dementia Presenter’s Notes

Additional Resources

  • When Tippy Tucks Us In PowerPoint Presentation
  • When Tippy Tucks Us In Presenter’s Pamphlet (guide to presentation, with follow-up questions for participants)

Click here to access the Let’s Talk Dementia Toolkit.