November is Financial Literacy Month

During Financial Literacy Month, the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) engages with Canadians and works together with organizations from the private, public, and non-profit sectors to help strengthen the financial literacy of individuals and families and build their financial resilience.

Throughout the month, organizations from across the country are encouraged to host events and share resources aimed at helping Canadians understand their finances and empowering them to:

  • manage their money and debt wisely
  • save for the future
  • understand their financial rights

This year’s campaign theme, Make Change that Counts: Managing Your Money in a Changing World, considers our increasingly complex and constantly changing financial marketplace and the importance of managing personal finances to find the right balance. As the cost-of-living increases and interest rates rise, Canadians may need to adjust their budgets to find the right balance between daily spending and paying down debt. The right balance will depend on their financial situation and goals.

Alberta Council on Aging offers the following programs and resources relevant to financial literacy for older adults:

  • Financial Resources – a collection of resources from the Government of Alberta, the Canada Anti-Fraud Centre and the Government of Canada.
  • Recognizing Fraud (toolkit) – The Recognizing Fraud program is designed to raise awareness about fraudulent activities. We talk about how to protect yourself, your money, and your identity. By thinking ahead, learning strategies to make good decisions regarding scams and fraud, building good habits, and being aware, you can greatly reduce your risk of becoming a victim of fraud.
  • Pre and post retirement planning (Overview) – To maintain a good quality of life after retirement, it is important to have ongoing plans in place. These plans can range from budgeting to estate planning.

CLICK HERE to learn about Financial Literacy Month #FLM2022 from the Government of Canada.

CLICK HERE to access the Financial Literacy Month website hosted by the Government of Canada. Resources include “How to manage your money when interest rates rise”, “Make a plan to pay off your debt”, “what to consider before borrowing money”, financial tools, calculators and more.

CLICK HERE to browse and attend Canadian financial literacy events!

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