Alberta Council on Aging has a proud heritage of volunteerism in working to improve the quality of life for older adults.

Apply offline?

To apply for a volunteer position please complete the volunteer application form and send it in by email or mail it to Alberta Council on Aging


Regional Director for the Board/ad hoc committees as needed

Assist board and staff meet a variety of administrative and communication dutie

Assist board, staff and volunteers in all technical aspects from training to trouble shooting

Writing, reviewing and editing a variety of documents/program materials/prepare newsletter/blogs

Responsible for coordinating special events/campaigns/volunteers

Provide leadership for awareness and fundraising to ensure organization’s viability

Assist in grant research and writing grant proposals

Present Alberta Council on Aging’s age friendly programs to online/telephone participants

Take and share photos for use in newsletters, social media, blog and marketing materials

Follow Alberta Council on Aging on social media by sharing social media/blog posts/

newsletters with friends and family. Introduce the council to new friends and contacts