Living Stronger, Longer

Submitted by: Ashley Bowler

Many people are living longer; however, we can’t assume longevity means a high quality of life –  especially while living through a pandemic.

In saying “Living Strong Longer,” what we mean is that older persons keep their bodies and minds healthy so they can live longer, higher quality lives. We do this by being proactive rather than reactive, and work on prevention, improvement, and maintenance. 

Prevention has become the focus and many older adults are looking for methods to keep healthy in both mind and body. Here are a few actions you can take to maintain your overall health:

·         Eating well 

·         Regular check ups with a Physician

·         Keep active

·         Socializing

·         Reducing stress

·         Stay mentally active

·         Maintain a safe home

Our Living Strong program expands on the above list and offers specific actions and plans to implement these suggestions. 

Have you made positive changes to your lifestyle that have improved your overall health? We’d love to hear what has been working for you – please send us a message!