The Living Strong Program encourages participants to explore various components of wellbeing: physical, mental, environment, spiritual, and getting your paperwork in order. Learn more about being proactive and living stronger longer.

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The Track Your Success tool is an important component of the Living Strong program. It is a single page weekly checklist.

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The webinar covered strategies to manage grief and loss for ourselves and those we support. During the pandemic we have not been able to grieve the loss of loved ones, missed out on milestones, and have been separated from the people and activities we love. This session focused on strategies to manage grief and loss for ourselves and those we support. Donna Durand and Lois Faris discussed how to identify grief and loss and tap into your feelings around loss to allow for grieving. They also discussed strategies for moving through transitions to create the best possible life and how to create or regain your sense of optimism about your life and your future self.

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