Support for Dementia Caregivers

Submitted by: Mary Benson

Has your role in life suddenly changed from being a husband, a mother, a son, or a daughter, to the role of a full time care provider of a family member that lives with dementia? 

If this is your situation, you need support.  Think of your support system as like having a game plan. Are you ready for the unexpected and unfamiliar changes life may or will present?  Being prepared is the most important step to your well being. It’s as important as making modifications to a home to assist with a person’s unique needs, or having the right resources and tools needed to guide you when raising a child with a learning challenge. Changes to your life are going to transpire, and if you are prepared the day-to-day challenges can become more emotionally manageable.

There are organizations and resources that you can utilize. Here I will name a few to help you begin your journey in search of support:

Like any diagnosis of an illness, the more you can understand about the illness, the better equipped you will be to deal with the challenges you will face. Contact the Alzheimer Society of Alberta and N.T.  Also ask about First Link

Alberta Council on Aging has a free awareness program and presentation to share: Let’s Talk Dementia.  

Speak to your family physician or community healthcare workers. Ask for help in connecting with support in your area. Caregivers Alberta offer support groups, resources and educational materials.  Alberta Health Servicesoffers Dementia advice through HealthLink. 

You are not alone – and this journey can be both rewarding and difficult.  Reach out and share the journey.

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