Putting a stop to Ageism

Submitted by: Paige Walker

Ageism is defined as the stereotyping and discrimination against individuals or groups based on their age. Ageism affects all age groups but can especially be seen in the older adult population. Ageism is the most tolerated “ism” which is why many older adults experience ageism.  There are many ways in which each person can do our part to stop Ageism. 

Here’s how you can be directly involved in stopping ageism:

·         Check and acknowledge personal internalized ageism

·         Stop purchasing and sharing ageist greeting cards

·         Call out inappropriate media via letter writing

·         Consider personal communication  

·         Use inclusive language 

·         Listen to people with patience and understanding

·         Access Alberta Council on Aging’s resources and the Let’s Stop Ageism Campaign

·         Share these resources with family and friends

·         Keep striving for change!

Learn more about putting a stop to Ageism with our Let’s Stop Ageism program