A Look Back to a Live Event to Celebrate Age: The Dash Between 2020

Last year at this time we held our last live public event- the Dash Between.  We paired older adults and poets for a short interview, of which the audience were able to witness. The poets went away and created a piece from the short time the pairs were together.  We had three generations of people at the event and there was so much joy and excitement in the room, it was palatable. 

Now we are in a new world and are finding new ways of doing things together.  We look forward to holding this event again- perhaps in April- just in time for April is Poetry month.  Are you a poet or writer? An older person with some great insights and ideas to share?  Get in touch and let us know if you want to participate in a Dash Between 2021 online event.

Here, for your reading pleasure is the Chapbook that was created.