The Consumers’ Coalition of Alberta (CCA)

Worried about your heat and power bills? The Consumers’ Coalition of Alberta (CCA) was formed in the mid 1990s to acquire both the right and the expertise to intervene on behalf of household customers in utility rate-setting decisions by the Utilities Board. Composed of the Consumers’ Association of Alberta and the Alberta Council on Aging, this Coalition has been an important independent voice for small utility consumers both inside and outside the hearing room.

It has consistently drawn attention to issues affecting household consumers and the importance of these essential everyday household expenses. It has also successfully pushed back against repeated efforts to eliminate the default rate option for household consumers. While the direct expenses of our legal and financial experts in hearings processes are remunerated through cost awards by the Alberta Utilities commission, there is no reimbursement for the participation of members of our regulatory team in numerous meetings and consultations. Jim Wachowich is the legal counsel for the Consumers’ Coalition and acts as spokesperson for the Coalition in the media.