World Elder Abuse Day June 15 Director Gordon Nott shares his thoughts

As we prepare to recognize World Elder Abuse Day on June 15th, I find myself reflecting on the change in the life of older persons. Prior to our current fast paced lifestyle driven by technology, our ancestors worked very hard to ensure we had the necessities of life; those being a good home filled with love and support, food on the table, good health and education. I am very grateful that my parents afforded me all of the above in spades. In their later years, I was able to return those favours to ensure they lived a healthy, safe and happy life to a great age of 96.
Our current COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a number of very disturbing stories unfolding related to the treatment of older persons and the impact of self-isolation and lack of care on their lives. One has to question how these unfortunate circumstances have evolved.
This year, the provincial theme for Elder Abuse Awareness Day is “Growing the Conversation”. This creates an excellent opportunity for each of us to take action to acknowledge and talk more openly about elder abuse and learn more about how we can provide support and assistance to help prevent it.
Our Seniors are a very valued sector in our society and as such are deserving of our care and support to ensure they enjoy a healthy, safe life. Gordon Nott, regional director southeast