Welcome our Let’s Talk Dementia Toolkit

Thank you for your interest in the Let’s Talk Dementia Toolkit. Our toolkits are developed so that everyone can deliver a presentation.  This toolkit is intended for the use of volunteer presenters and is designed to be easy to use and understand. Feedback is very welcome!

Included in the Toolkit

  • Let’s Talk Dementia Presenter’s Manual
  • Let’s Talk Dementia PowerPoint Presentation
  • Let’s Talk Dementia Booklet (handout for participants)
  • Let’s Talk Dementia Presenter’s Notes (printed off from PowerPoint)
  • Let’s Talk Dementia CD (contains toolkit, templates and additional resources)

Additional Resources

  • When Tippy Tucks Us In PowerPoint Presentation
  • When Tippy Tucks Us In Presenter’s Pamphlet (guide to presentation, with follow-up questions for participants)

How to Use

Please read the Let’s Talk Dementia Presenter’s Manual as it is a helpful resource in how to deliver this program and contains tips on facilitating the presentation as well as some activities and experiential exercises you may use.

You may use this toolkit in a variety of ways, from one-on-one discussions using the notes to guide you, to large group meetings sharing a PowerPoint presentation. Use one or both of the PowerPoint presentations.  Let’s Talk Dementia is an awareness tool, whereas When Tippy Tucks Us In uses multimedia to entertain and educate.

You will need 1 to 2 hours to present Let’s Talk Dementia.  You will need an additional ½ hour to present When Tippy Tucks Us In.

Keep in mind that we do not diagnose dementia, nor do we offer advice on medications, vitamins, or alternative treatments