Social Media Plan and Alberta Council on Aging

As some of you may have noticed if you follow us on twitter and Facebook there has been a boom in the frequency of our posts, and we’ve been sharing pictures, videos, stories, and articles that may be of interest to you. We currently have a work experience student joining us who is trying to breathe some life into our social media.


Do you follow us on twitter or Facebook? It’s really easy to do so, and both twitter and Facebook are free for you to use.

If you do not have a twitter account, start here:

Twitter makes it really easy to sign up from the front page. You can put in your name (or whatever you want to be called), your email address, and a memorable password, then click the sign up button.


The next page on twitter asks you to create a unique user name, and it will provide suggestions, especially if the name you want is already taken. Once you’ve picked that user name you just need to go ahead and click “Sign up” and you’re ready for the next step!

The next setup steps can be tailored to what you enjoy. You can follow a variety of people on twitter who post anything from what is going on in their day to the news. This part is really personal, so you get to choose who to follow!

If you do not have a Facebook account start here:

Signing up is easy to do from the first page of Facebook. You enter your name, email address, a memorable password and fill out your date of birth and gender. Then it’s as simple as clicking “Sign up” and you can start using your Facebook account pretty much immediately.


One of the nifty features of Facebook is that it will try to connect you with people you already know. It does this by scanning your email address book, but it does not retain that information. You can also include a profile picture. It makes it easy for friends and family to connect a name with a face, but it definitely isn’t required!


Now that you have twitter, how do you follow us?


The easiest way is to click on this link, or the little twitter icon at the top of our web page! Otherwise, if you type into your address bar it will bring you to our twitter page.

The next step to following us is to just click that button that says “Follow” and it will change to say “Following”. From there you’ll be able to see what we’ve been posting and you can even interact with us!


Now that you have Facebook, how do you follow us?


Like twitter, the quickest way to reach our page is by following the links provided here or at the top of our page, but let’s treat this like a learning opportunity. We’re easy to find on Facebook by just typing in the name of our organization in the search bar like it shows in the picture below.

Once you pull up our page all you need to do is click on the button that says “Like” and you will begin following our posts on Facebook.



We hope you’re as excited to connect with us on social media as we are!