Myth busting… all seniors are sick… true or false?

older adults, re-launch, re-engagement

Dr. Hinshaw stressed on the May 28 townhall call with Seniors Ministry and senior serving sector, seniors living independently are not restricted to the same legislation as those who live in continuing care settings. Seniors are a  diverse group.

In this case, seniors as a whole are not more vulnerable and not necessarily at a greater risk of contracting or spreading covid19, if they are healthy and practising proper protocols.  Persons living with vulnerabilities such as chronic disease and pre existing health conditions are more vulnerable and at greater risk. These conditions may be more prevalent in the senior population however it should not be a distinguishing factor.

Today, on day 2 of Seniors Week in Alberta, I would like to bring attention to re-launch of economy and a myth that is holding older adults back. There has been strong messaging world wide seniors stay home OR we need to protect the old.  As we begin to move in and around community AGE cannot be a restriction or barrier, whereas vulnerability absolutely needs to be given special consideration.

Do you see the difference? Seniors are older adults anywhere from 50 to over 100 years of age.  Back to the myth….. all seniors are sick. True or false?

Donna Durand

Executive director