Happy Volunteer Week!

Dear Board of Directors and Volunteers,

You are the core of this 53-year-old grassroots volunteer-based organization known as Alberta Council on Aging. You are good and solid and caring.  Thank you for everything you do, each and every day to help others. This is what we are founded on- helping others so they can achieve a quality of life worth celebrating.

You have:

  • networked with others
  • reached out to members
  • responded to inquiries
  • disseminated information
  • hosted meetings
  • reviewed publications
  • edited the newsletter
  • been on advisory committees such as Let’s Stop Ageism and Health and Housing
  • worked on strategic and business plans
  • represented Alberta Council on Aging through external committee membership
  • volunteered at casinos
  • trained as program trainers
  • delivered presentations across the province
  • delivered age friendly related programs
  • helped at display table booths
  • submitted to newsletter
  • served on the board of directors and/or executives
  • conveyed membership concerns to local government
  • delivered newsletters
  • provided ongoing learning opportunities in community
  • and the many other duties filled as required

Many thanks for serving!

Donna Durand, Executive Director