Grey Matters 2016

The Grey Matters conference is a two-day event intended to increase awareness of issues, supports and services for seniors. We are pleased to announce that Alberta Council on Aging will have representatives in attendance at this year’s conference!

Donna Durand, executive director of Alberta Council on Aging will be presenting the second day on Social Inclusion of People Living With Dementia .

One of the eight domains for liveability and quality of life for older persons as identified by World Health Organization is social inclusion.  Social inclusion can be challenging for those living with dementia.  This presentation provides a deeper understanding about dementia.  Together we discuss possible ways to include people living with dementia in their communities.  We will identify existing programs within communities and what adaptations may be considered in order to be age friendly and dementia friendly communities

Learning Objectives

1. To deepen understanding about dementia.

2. To explore ways of supporting inclusion.

3. To strive to become age friendly and dementia friendly communities.

On the second day, Alberta Council on Aging will have a display booth up so if you are in the area and need more information about us and what we do, please feel free to stop by and say “hi”!