Grandma Edna’s Memory Box

Grandma Edna taught Grade one for many years. She loved to play cards, take care of her cat, and she could knit, crochet, sew. She loved her family and cherished her photos.  She was a doodler and a collector of spoons. With a little effort on our part, and with some adaptation, these interests do not have to be past tense.

What goes in the box?


Why do this?

    Promote long-term memory, establish connections, have a communication


    Offer a few items at a time, always with supervision


    Family members, friends, volunteers, staff


  • Tea cup and saucer from Edna’s set

  • Quilting squares to sew together

  • Yarn to touch – wind and unwind

  • Buttons to sew or to count

  • Thread and needle

  • Recipe book or cards with favourite recipes

  • Crayons and paper

  • Stuffed kitten

  • Spoons and polishing cloth