What is Ageism?

Ageism is the stereotyping and discrimination against individuals or groups on the basis of their age.

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Alberta Council on Aging began working on the Let’s Stop Ageism campaign to address the link between ageism and the harm of older persons. Older people themselves often perpetuate myths, biases and stereotypes about aging. Research shows this is one of the reasons why ageism is rampant and unchecked. We will live much more joyfully and safely in community when the perspective on aging is predominantly positive, realistic, and not based on stereotypes.

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Ageism and its Impact

Negative attitudes about older people stem from myths about aging, the aging process and being old. This wide range of negative attitudes prevents accurate assessment and response to social conditions and challenges. We can see that ageism leads to discriminatory practices in housing, health, employment, transportation and services. Negative attitudes and beliefs harm.

Language Matters

Language is one of the most powerful tools that keeps us connected with one another. There are a wide variety of resources to help us ensure the language we use is clear, concise and avoids -isms.

Here are some resources from our partners.

Partner Resources
Let's Stop Ageism Toolkit

The goal of the Let’s Stop Ageism program is to increase awareness and knowledge about ageism and inclusion. The toolkit is intended for trainers, facilitators, presenters and self-paced learners. It contains the Let’s Stop Ageism PowerPoint, presenter’s notes, booklet, trainer’s manual and additional resources.

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Educational Games

Games are a fun way for us to learn and discuss a variety of topics, including ageism. Here we have some interactive, educational games.

Come to the Table Interactive Postcards Potluck of Ideas
Let's Stop Ageism Webinar

The goal is to increase awareness and knowledge about ageism, inclusion and positive aging.

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Global Report on Ageism

The Global report on ageism was developed for the campaign by WHO, the Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights, the United Nations (UN) Department of Economic and Social Affairs and the United Nations Population Fund. It is directed at policymakers, practitioners, researchers, development agencies and members of the private sector and civil society. This report, after defining the nature of ageism, summarizes the best evidence about the scale, the impacts and the determinants of ageism and the most effective strategies to reduce it. It concludes with three recommendations for action, informed by the evidence, to create a world for all ages.

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Older Persons' Self-Advocacy Handbook

This handbook, courtesy of AGE Platform Europe, intends to increase and improve the involvement of older persons in all processes that affect their human rights.

International Day of Older Persons Oct 1

In 1990, the United Nations declared International Day of Older Persons. This day was recognized in Alberta in 2017 with a minister declaration, and since then communities across Alberta have joined the movement and made their own declarations.

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Personal Declaration of Commitment

Today, I declare my support for equality across the ages enhanced through age friendly communities with engaged citizens to create a world I want for all.

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Past Events

Does it matter when we were born or when we die? Or is it the dash between — our life time of experiences?
Alberta Council on Aging hosted The Dash Between Project. We paired 5 writers with 5 older adults/storytellers. Their live discussions inspired a short story or poem, which was performed in the second half of the event.

The Dash Between Project

Through an interactive and engaging discussion, this online event took place March 18, 2021 and challenged how we think, feel and act towards age and aging. This is the first ever UN Global report on Ageism and the start of a global conversation on why ageism matters and how we can tackle it.

Global Report on Aging

Let’s Talk Ageism and Positive Age

March 22, 2021

This virtual event was by invitation only. We discussed ageism and positive age, specifically in response to March 18th’s Global Report on Ageism.

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