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Let’s Talk: Bullying and Ageism

  It is a Community Need to Stop Ageism Many years ago, even before World Health Organization announced Age friendly Communities, Alberta Council on Aging set out to address the impending age wave through the implementation of Senior FriendlyTM program. At the core of the philosophy and training is the teaching on ageism: how ageism […]


Since 2000, November 22 has been declared National Housing Day in Canada. We at Alberta Council on Aging would like to take a moment to reflect on how important it is to have safe, affordable housing that is apporpriate to each individuals circumstances. Donna Durand, Executive Director, shares ACA’s talking points on housing for #NationalHousingDay. […]

United Nations International Day of Older Persons

Media Release For Immediate Release  United Nations International Day of Older Persons October 1  For the first time in Alberta’s history, International Day of Older Persons was declared on October 1, 2017. This year’s theme is “Celebrating Older Human Rights Champions”. Help celebrate the second year of International Day of Older Persons in Alberta on October 1, […]

The Thread by Mary Campbell

For the month of January we are looking for submissions that touch on the theme of Alzheimer Awareness month. We were lucky to have received two submissions from Mary Campbell, who went on to being willing to read her poems so we could share them with others. Today we share the second of Mary Campbell’s […]

Grandma Edna’s Memory Box

Grandma Edna taught Grade one for many years. She loved to play cards, take care of her cat, and she could knit, crochet, sew. She loved her family and cherished her photos.  She was a doodler and a collector of spoons. With a little effort on our part, and with some adaptation, these interests do […]

What is Dementia?

Many people think dementia is the same as Alzheimer’s disease; however, Alzheimer’s disease is just one form of dementia. Other causes of dementia include (but are not limited to) Lewy Body disease, head trauma, fronto-temporal dementia, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, Parkinson’s disease, and Huntington’s disease. These conditions can have similar and overlapping symptoms. Some conditions can cause […]