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Myth busting… all seniors are sick… true or false?

older adults, re-launch, re-engagement Dr. Hinshaw stressed on the May 28 townhall call with Seniors Ministry and senior serving sector, seniors living independently are not restricted to the same legislation as those who live in continuing care settings. Seniors are a  diverse group. In this case, seniors as a whole are not more vulnerable and […]

Happy Volunteer Week!

Dear Board of Directors and Volunteers, You are the core of this 53-year-old grassroots volunteer-based organization known as Alberta Council on Aging. You are good and solid and caring.  Thank you for everything you do, each and every day to help others. This is what we are founded on- helping others so they can achieve […]

Dearest Earth

Dearest Earth, We who are about to die sure will miss you. Many of us are senior citizens and some of us middle-aged: doctors and nurses treating the sick included. Most of us live in our favourite city, and many of us live in rural areas where geography marks our place in the world: whether […]