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Myth busting… all seniors are sick… true or false?

older adults, re-launch, re-engagement Dr. Hinshaw stressed on the May 28 townhall call with Seniors Ministry and senior serving sector, seniors living independently are not restricted to the same legislation as those who live in continuing care settings. Seniors are a  diverse group. In this case, seniors as a whole are not more vulnerable and […]

Key Issues and Possibilities in Continuing Care in Alberta

Key Issues and Possibilities in Continuing Care in Alberta Authors Linda McFarlane, MSW, Mare Montell Donly, MSW, and Crystal Kwan, PhD(c) note,“conversation on continuing care must be nurtured. By talking about issues and potential solutions, we can make great inroads to improve the system and ultimately to the care and services…

January is Alzheimer Awareness Month – a personal note

My father has had a diagnosis of dementia for a number of years and recently, the diagnosis was advanced to Alzheimer’s disease.  This opening statement may lead you to think I am about to tell you all the problems associated with this condition. How horrid his life has become, how burdened his family members are. […]

Do You Know About International Day of Older Persons (IDOP)?

In 1990, the United Nations declared International Day of Older Persons to bring awareness to, and to celebrate older persons. The 2019 theme “The Journey to Age Equality” focuses on existing and future old-age inequality and how we can create positive change in our communities. Did you know? By 2030 it is estimated 1.4 billion […]

Let’s Talk: Bullying and Ageism

  It is a Community Need to Stop Ageism Many years ago, even before World Health Organization announced Age friendly Communities, Alberta Council on Aging set out to address the impending age wave through the implementation of Senior FriendlyTM program. At the core of the philosophy and training is the teaching on ageism: how ageism […]