Building Age-friendly Communities, One Event at a Time

Submitted by: Mary Benson, Board Member

Are you age-friendly?

With summer comes the excitement of outdoor festivals, special events and fairs. 

 If you represent an organization or are a member of a planning committee, here are some tips to consider when creating an age- friendly community event.  

In an age-friendly community:

  • outdoor areas and public buildings, washrooms are pleasant, safe and accessible 
  • the grounds are safe and maintained (either paved or solid surface – gravel is not a good ground coverage for individuals of any age that have mobility issues) 
  • public transportation to these events – close drop off zones for easy access
  • seating – plentiful and in areas where individuals won’t feel isolated from the activities of the event
  • areas with shade and protection from unpredictable weather occurrences.  (outdoor tents are great for these needs)
  • opportunities for older adults to be socially active and engaged 
  • older adults have access to meaningful volunteer opportunities
  • information is easy to find, use and understand. Ambassadors and way finders are available 

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