Living Stronger Longer Toolkit

Alberta Council on Aging advises the local to the federal government about matters relating to the opportunity for full and equal participation of older persons living in Alberta and Canada.

The council engages with the seniors’ community; communicate their ideas, opinions and concerns to government and the broader community; and work toward solutions with governments, community organizations, and other seniors serving agencies. 

Alberta Council on Aging develops programs and publications aligned with age friendly initiatives with the aim to eliminate ageism and promote inclusiveness of older persons in all Albertan communities, whereby living out its mandate to improve the quality of life for seniors.

We are very interested in sharing out our materials such as the Living Stronger Longer Toolkit.  Please contact us if you are using the toolkit; if you need more information; or would like the templates.  Your success is our success!

Donna Durand, Executive Director and Projects Manager    1.888.423.9666

Contents of the Living Stronger Longer Toolkit

  •     Living Stronger Longer Booklet for participants
  •     Living Stronger Longer PowerPoint presentation 
  •     PowerPoint:  slides and presenter’s notes
  •     Additional Resources

Click here to download the Living Stronger Longer Toolkit.

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