According to the Alberta Securities Commission, 73% of adults in Alberta say they have been approached with an investment scam, and 13% have become investment scam victims.

Investing includes both risks and rewards and opportunities may be presented to you over the phone, by a friend or family member, or through an advertisement. Before choosing to invest your money you have to determine if it is the right investment for you.

If you are confronted about an investment opportunity, you need to protect yourself. Be wary if a salesperson says an investment is too good to be true; don't feel pressured to make any decision on the spot. Be persistent with your own investment goals, don't let someone persuade you. Before making a final decision, consider the benefits of seeking advice from a registered sales person or someone you trust.  

Be suspicious of investments that are exclusive to a specific group or membership and watch out for individuals who exploit a personal connection to recruit investors.

Tips on Avoiding Investment Fraud

  • Ask questions about an investment and make sure all answers are satisfactory
  • Never sign anything you have not completely read and understood
  • Get everything in writing
  • Always get a second opinion and take your time to think your investment over
  • Beware of 'Limited Time Offers' or “Too good to be true”
  • Check with the Alberta Securities Commission to determine if the individual or company is registered
  • Be suspicious of investments exclusive to specific groups or salespeople who exploit personal relationships
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