Keeping your personal information safe is the key to protecting yourself against fraud, especially identity theft. Know your billing schedule and when your bills should arrive. If they don't arrive on time, check the company and the post office. Bills have a lot of information in them, and you don't want them falling into the wrong hands.

Double check all your bank statements and bills to be sure there is no unusual activity in your accounts. Shred all your bills and bank statements when you are through with them.

Wireless identity theft is a form of stealing identifying information using wireless mechanics. It involves using a scanning device to copy a person’s personal information by scanning near or around their personal cards. Holding this device near someone’s banking cards can copy the cardholder's name, address, social security number, phone number and employee information. Upon copying this information, scammers can program this information into their cards to access the victims account.

To prevent wireless identity theft, it is best to keep your personal cards in identity block sleeves. Identity block sleeves are specially designed to protect your payment cards from unwanted scanning, offering you identity theft protection.

Tips on Avoiding Identity Theft

Don’t give out personal information to anyone unless you
initiated the call or conversation.

  • Never give out personal information over Email and be sure any website requiring this information is secure
  • Shred any documents that contain your personal information, or your bank account or credit card  numbers
  • Keep pay cards in identity block sleeves
  • Shield your PIN when making purchases
  • Check your bank and credit card statements for any irregularities
  • Carry with you only the identification that you need and leave the rest at home
  • If you lose your purse or wallet, cancel everything  immediately  
  • If you change your address be sure to inform the post office and any financial institutions



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